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Classic English Literature Research Paper Topics & Ideas

  1. Comparison of two poems on different topics

Choose two poems of different kinds and compare how they are the same or different with each other.

  1. Literary Analysis: Writer’s style and influenceWriter X has been very influential in changing the dynamics of writing, particularly in his/her genre of work Write an analysis about how this writer has left a mark on English literature, acknowledging at the same time that some readers may not like his/her writings but still write my essay their importance as literary landmarks for our era.
  2. A comparative study on two novels – Fictional versus HistoricalCompare how novel A is similar to novelist B? Both writers have written stories that are based on fiction and historical events respectively. Discuss how writers have managed to create suspense and action packed scenes in a novel that are not real.
  3. Theme and symbolism in two poems with different themesChoose two poems, one has a theme about love while the other tells a story of war or death etc. Do they contain any symbols? If yes, what type of symbols are used? Is the writer trying to convey any message through them? More importantly, how can you represent your findings as opposed to the writer?
  4. Comparing two books by the same author: Similar stories but told differentlyWrite about an English literature work from two different authors who chose to write similar stories but presented them differently for example if Romeo is stabbed in a certain way but Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare is not as it was written so many years later.
  5. Comparing two books written about the same historical periodChoose a time in history and compare how two different writers have managed to create suspense using creative ways to present simple stories for example “Romeo and Juliet” may have been written after one of the writers saw something that could have sparked an idea, he then wrote his version of it, which we all know turned out to be a classic novel, while another writer with similar ideas chose to write theirs in a way totally dissimilar from the first mentioned. This comparison could apply to any topic or genre of literature eg similarity between Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre, or between the Bible and Koran.
  6. Analyzing Poetry: The use of Imagery in a piece that doesn’t have much imageryUse Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130 for instance to find out ways in which iambic pentameter is evident while at the same time, exploring whether there are any metaphors or similes used in this sonnet. What about alliterations? All these elements make up poetry so try to show how they were combined together by Shakespeare to come up with a brilliant literature work of art.
  7. Evolution from Romanticism to RealismCompare two English literature works written at different times yet both trying to portray reality: one was very romantic while the other was very realistic.
  8. Two poems with different writing styles: Imagery and LanguageUsed poetry of Shakespeare for this compare how he compares to poet X who wrote in a more simplistic style. What is it about his/her work that makes you spellbound? Do they have any similarities or differences?
  9. How two writers reflect on their environment and societyThis could be used in studies about literature from different countries not just England, for example look at two works of fiction from two writers living in the same country but one describes an incident that happened within his environment and the other writer using social settings as opposed to environmental ones e.g didactic novelists such as Jane Austen and Charles Dickens wrote stories of their time, their societies during the early years of the 19th century.
  10. Comparing two books with a common conflict: Is there a happy ending?For this compare how two stories come to an end: one book ends tragically while the other has at least some hope for future happiness. In what way is each author’s style similar or different? How do they make you feel about their characters? More importantly, how does that affect your outlook on life in general and broaden your perspective e.g change from a romantic attitude to one that is more write my essay for me?

Conclusion: There are unlimited topics to choose from when it comes to writing an English literature research paper because people have unlimited interests but choosing an interesting topic will grab the reader’s attention and will help you to get a good grade.

Other tips:• Remember that you are not writing about the author himself/herself but rather how his works have affected your life in some way or another. What has he taught you? Has it changed your value system in any way? Has it made you more appreciative of literature? In what way was it a turning point in your growth as an individual; did its message strike a chord with you and make you feel like there is always hope, even at bad times? You could also write about an author who wrote something that affected everyone positively.


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