Content Writing Guide - 2021

Narrative Essay Topics And Ideas For Students

Narrative essays are one of the most popular assignments submitted by students at different educational levels. That is why teachers love to assign them to their pupils. In fact, narrative essay topics are an exciting way for learners to express themselves. They allow you to share your personal thoughts about a certain event or experience in a creative and vivid manner. There are numerous ways that you can write about your life, but if you have not discovered yours yet, we offer some useful tips on how to write a perfect narrative write my essay!

If you want to enjoy writing a narrative essay without spending too much time on it, our professional writers suggest choosing such topics as:

  • My Personal Internet Experience: Making Friends Online

How often do you use the Internet to socialize with your friends and acquaintances? Most of us make use of this modern way to communicate, but it seems that only a few people are able to develop real-life relationships online.

  • My Trip To The Zoo: Animals In Captivity

Have you ever been admitted to the zoo and had a chance to observe an animal in its natural habitat? Even if you managed to do it, you will have a unique opportunity to learn about how animals behave when they are kept inside cages.

  • Birthday Party: A Great Celebration And A Painful Experience

How old were you when you were given your first birthday party? Did other kids come over or did you celebrate alone? Compare these two situations and tell us why you think learning to celebrate on your own is important.

  • The Big Fight With My Best Friend: How We Became Friends Again

This is the story of two best friends who had a terrible fight and never spoke to each other again. Describe what happened in the past, explain why it happened, and tell us how they were able to restore their friendship while keeping all the negative emotions out.

  • An Experiment That I Would Like To Do: Getting Rid Of Poverty In Third World Countries

Everybody knows about poverty issues that are still existing today, but only a few people know what can be done in order to solve them. Make up an experiment that would help you test different solutions for poverty elimination and describe advantages and disadvantages of each one.

  • My First Day At School: The Struggles Of A New Student

What was your first day at school like? Was it easy for you or did teachers make you feel like an outsider? You can tell us about the rules and regulations that other students made, about the difficulties you had to overcome in order to succeed in your studies.

  • My Most Unforgettable Friend Who Passed Away: What I Miss About Her Now And How I Am Going To Remember Her Forever

Your best friend passed away and now you cannot see her face or hear her voice anymore. Tell us what she meant to you, share your memories of a person who left this world too early, talk about her personality and the way you knew her. And don’t forget to mention how you will go on living without such a dear friend in your life now.

  • The First Day Of My Marriage: How I Am Going To Write A Perfect Wedding Speech

Some people believe that writing a speech is a very difficult task even for experienced writers. However, this does not mean that anybody cannot compose one. Tell us about the first wedding day of your favorite couple and describe how writing their speeches has influenced them in any possible write essay for me.

  • When I Was A Kid: Differences Between Generation X, Baby Boomer, And Millennial Generations

There are many generations that have lived before and there are many contemporary groups of young people who try to find their place in this world. This essay topic allows you to share your opinions and insights about what changes different generations have experienced over the years and how it affected them in a positive or negative way.

  • The Last Day Of My Service: How I Am Going To Say Goodbye To All My Colleagues At Work

It is never easy to leave your job after many years of hard work. You can tell us about your last day at office, mention all people who had an impact on your life while working there, talk about why you are going to continue searching for another job even though you do not really want to change anything right now.


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